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Product Overview

Easy Inventory is Nepal based Inventory Management System which is developed for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. Easy Inventory is very useful software for manufacturing industries and can be used for creating a work order, bills of product or material and other related documents. The main purpose of Easy Inventory is to reduce the carrying costs of Companies. It tracks the products and parts which are transported from vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses and finally to retail location or directly to a customer. As we Know Easy Inventory reduces the costs which further keeps accounts and finance in check. Easy Inventory focus on customer side also which helps you to provide better customer services along with fast delivery and low shipping charges which meets customer expectations. The main features of Easy Inventory are as follows:-

1. Inventory management

2. Tracking

3. (bar-coding and tagging)

4. Transfer management

5. Inventory forecasting and reporting tools

6. Purchasing

7. Shipping

8. Order Management

9. Reporting and Analytics

10. Alerts

11. Cloud-Based Software with Real-Time Updates

12. Inventory Security and Backups

13. Mobile Support

14. Inventory App Integration with Other Systems

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