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Product Overview

Delivery is Nepal based Delivery Management System which benefits to the businesses that deals with pickup and delivery services in day to day life. In context of Nepal, Delivery Management System is rapidly increasing due to its multi functional behavior. Delivery is designed in such a way that it helps to reduce time and cost, analyze and improves your business, and get rids of paperwork. Digitization is the key factor which decreases the paper work and improves the working quality of businesses. Delivery Software helps in connecting the owner, its customers and Delivery agents or we can say Delivery works as a bridge between these parties with real time tracking(accurate) and updated notifications for every status of task. Delivery connects your drivers or couriers out on the road with the staff in your back office. The main features of our Delivery Software are as follows:-

1. Manage Orders with single click

2. Overviews of deliveries

3. Optimize orders that saves time and cost

4. Real time tracking of delivery

5. analyzing and improving your business

6. Increased customer retention

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