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Product Overview

Courier System is Nepal based Courier Management System which supports the courier services to the corporate and to the customer. In Nepal technology is becoming more popular hence all company are shifting their analog working system into digital and hence we purposed naming Easy Courier as an Courier Management System. Easy Courier helps to maintain activities such as booking courier, hub details, company details, process business data and much more. It is very difficult to do this process manually. Hence we provide a Easy Courier to computerize the process as the world is turning into information and technology; digitization becomes necessity in all sectors nowadays. The main features of Courier System are as follows:-

1. Tracking the Shipment or Consignment

2. Overall Status of Shipment and other detailed status

3. Printable/ Can print all the details just by one click

4. Can Add new Shipment

5. Complete Website

6. Update status

7. All Reports/ Delivery Report

8. Multiple Branches

9. Employee Management

10. Client Management

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