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Product Overview

Business in Nepal is going on digital platforms. Nowadays, most of the business likes to operate their activities via online or let us say they are growing rapidly in a digital way. Similarly, Easy Restaurant Management System is a point-of-sale(POS) that enables transactions and includes the operational functionality that enhances the guest experience and streamlines business operations for Restaurants in Nepal. Improved supply chain management – Ordering inventory is based on what is actually being used in your restaurant are the main advantages of Easy Restaurant Management. Easy Restaurant Management System have following features:-

1. Table Management

2. Order Management

3. Inventory Management

4. Recipe Management

5. Integration of payment systems

6. Employee Management

7. Payroll Management

8. User Access Management

9. Tracking of Costs and profit, Sales, Taxes

10. Measure Customer Data, Sales and menu analytics

11. POS - Account and Stock Management

12. Bar code Scanner

13. Discount Codes Integration

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